Surrender To Gain All

Nothing will be taken from you.
But if your will is not God’s Will
Your plans won’t be supported nor sustained.

It is not possible to lose a gift from God.
Not absence, distance nor time can steal it.
Once given, God’s gifts are sure and eternal.

The Will of God has a simple litmus test:
Can it stand in sunshine without shame?
Can it be spoken in the open air for all to hear?

Oneness with all brothers is our natural state.
Division causes sickness and all wars.
Convincing ourselves of this is the struggle.

Peace comes when we let go!
Giving up a personal agenda fully soothes.
The heart will heal when it stops hurting itself.

Words are just distracting symbols of symbols.
They but obfuscate or point us to the Truth.
And in the velvet quietude, only joy swells up.

Surrender is the secret of enlightenment.
Forget yourself and all your petty plans.
Release this thrashing life and head for Home.

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