Taking The High Road

The air on the high road is filled with epinephrine.
All are welcome to travel its joyful path.
The bucolic views are appreciated by every open eye.
Every road sign points one higher, upward to the pinnacle of peace.
Brothers joins hands in joy together to make their way towards Home.
Above the valley clouds, there is only light.

The darkened canyon below is filled with fear.
The throng, in huddled masses, dare not raise their eyes.
Convinced with conviction each heated desire deserves satisfaction.
Man seeks out pleasure for himself, despite the cost to all.
His guilty sins manipulate this every move and plan.
Below the valley clouds, there is only darkness.

The high road is found at the crossroad of self and selflessness.
Every man, in every moment, has a choice to follow his body or soul.
Selfish wallowing of deviant pleasure can strongly appeal.
Yet every time he wakes up in the pig’s trough, he is ready to repent.
The choice is between belief in damning sin or undeserving restoration.
At the crossroad, each man makes his choice.

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