Don’t Go. Stay.

What thought do you think that grabs your heart and drags you down low and away?

Like a stone around your neck, some tragic sneaky belief sinks you below the high water line into the gloomy sadness of yourself.

You begin with us, among us and part of us.

And then you choose to play a worn out mental recording of woe or difference.

Quick as that, you are gone. You vacate your eyes and your body becomes an empty warehouse you hide inside to wait out the painful thought bullets you have rained down upon yourself.

But only you can control your thoughts and only you can choose others.

Each time we are together now, I am like an unexpected friend discovered in a crowd, embraced quickly and then lost again.

It hurts my heart to watch you leave, to see you wander around, trying, trying, trying to survive the pain your thoughts have caused you.

This need not be. You can use your strength to change your mind rather than to soldier through.

Choose another thought, my sweet and strong brother. Choose one that sustains our happiness and keeps your life light ablaze and engaged.

When you are among those who could not cherish you and your beautiful soul more, choose thoughts that reinforce your irreplaceable role among us.

Please do not be sad. We need you so. And there is no such thing as loss in the Kingdom of God.

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