The Silence

Yet still, in the silence, I accept you.
Understanding that silence is your choice until you’re voiceless.
Your silence speaks volumes.
You are etching the last pages of our book with poignant meaning.

I know your silence holds all your regrets and unexpressed fears.
You fear the repercussions of putting words in the space between us.
You are so afraid of your own power, and vulnerability, and of saying goodbye.
And you magically believe your silence will shelter you from further pain.

But you can’t escape what’s next by pressing your lips together.
In fact, fears compound, and powerfully, when withdrawn into the silence.
And you don’t need to speak out or confess.
You just need to understand the futility of your silent strategy.

Silence can only comfort when the truth of Love is accepted.
The pain of your secret fears and regrets belongs only to you.
Until you are willing to let Love in to wash your wounds.
Until you know the Truth of your own perfection.

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