Running, Spinning, Sinning, Falling

Running, running, always running – where and why he only knows.
Justifying sin with cunning – enjoying every strike he blows.

Spinning, spinning, always spinning – weaving his careful web of lies.
Desperate to enjoy his sinning – careless with his victim’s lives.

Flying, stealing time, and lying – thinking no one knows his plans.
Anticipating guilty pleasure – believing it makes him a man.

Guilty, guilty, always guilty – poisoning himself with pain.
Anxious just to strike his target – then retreat again in shame.

Angry, spiteful, full of hatred – aiming vitriol at his guards.
Trapped inside a cage of gilding – pissed with how he’s played his cards.

Discarding who would once have saved him – careless, tossing trash away.
Forgetting pride precedes destruction – forgetting truth will have its say.

Yet in the end, it’s all illusion – nothing happened; nothing’s lost.
Waiting for the end of ego – patience is love’s only cost.

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