I can’t attain a goal that lacks in meaning.
When ego does the seeking, I won’t find
the thing I think I want. It leaves me reeling,
suffering and three more steps behind.

Deceived, I’m seeking life and love and wholeness
but where it can’t be found. Here’s only death
found in empty holes. An aimless journey
taken. Dreams of smallness I protect.

Searching is a normal thing to do here
in this world. We’re beings seeking love
and union with each other. But we’re lost now,
we need His guiding vision from above.

If I search for Heaven truly I will find it.
For all who seek it truly, surely find
their way. Though I may wander, stumble darkly,
I can’t remain in hell for long, or blind.

When I am wrong, my Father gently guides me
from error’s place. His hand will gently lift
me from the world I see now, valued worthless,
exchanged for Heaven’s treasures as His gift.

I may delay, deceive myself and wander
off, but always led back to my task.
No one remains in hell, no one abandoned
by His Creator. All need do is ask.

Leave foolishness behind and take your hands off
God’s child. He’s working His intentions out.
Your faithfulness will come in place of darkness,
And joined in purpose, be removed from doubt.

I cannot fail to reach the goal I’m seeking
with all my heart. It won’t be left at bay.
I always choose to know the holy instant
so He will change my mind, like night to day.

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