Forgiveness Offers Everything You Want

There’s a place in you where nothing is impossible.
A place wherein the strength of God abides.
In that place no troubling thought can conquer,
Our human thinking errors there subside.

So many of us is hampered by addictions,
To money, substance, relationship or sport.
But powering the war behind it, fuels it.
Defending its existence for the court.

Yet forgiveness offers everything desired.
In quiet meekness, see the brilliant path.
Release your captives from their freezing prisons,
To release yourself from your own painful wrath.

When searching for true union, or completeness,
If looking to your “love,” it can’t be found.
Such littleness in thought and deed and feeling,
Ensures continued suffering abounds.

If knowing ego’s song of triumph, wounded;
The Father’s son diminished by the tune.
Would you prefer its melancholy lyrics?
Or dance in triumph under darkest moon?

Nothing truly wanted can be found here;
“Seek But Do Not Find,” the ego fools.
One’s heart’s desire is fully filled and poured out,
When forgiveness hands you all of Heaven’s jewels.

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