The Day Will Come

The day will come when I’ll seek naught in bodies;
And know they’re empty vessels; ego’s hole.
I’ll realize that only love can fill me;
And know instead of peace in my own soul.

The day will come when I will find completeness.
Not in the arms of others; ego’s ploy;
But only in my heart, where God has placed it;
An eternal self that cannot be destroyed.

The day will come when I will know the peace of God.
Instead of anxious thinking; ego’s plan.
God’s overwhelming, overcoming calmness.
A freedom found in His forgiving hand.

The day will come when I will see this clearly.
Insanity will vanish; ego’s death.
Together with my brother, we will find You.
Joined once more, our hearts in love and rest.

The day will come when, finally, all will see You.
And not this tragic world; the ego’s face.
Your freeing light declaring all’s forgiven.
Saving all Your children by Your grace.

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