Farewell to Feathers

Feathers dance in the wind, insanely,
Having no substance, I let them drift.
Efforts expended to trap and keep them
Just add the bow to sorrow’s gift.

Chasing rainbows, tigers, dragons
Keeps one running, wasting time.
Nothing here is much improving,
And spinning webs just keeps one blind.

As Autumn comes and thoughts start swirling
Like the leaves; patternless, confused.
I know that seeking out is pointless.
Only inward healing soothes.

I must do my work alone now.
(For really no one else is here.)
Letting go of every fetter;
I willingly will face my fears.

Thankful, grateful, moving forward.
Never to look back again.
I’ve left gifts inside your storehouse.
And it’s time to say the last Amen.

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