The Message of the Cross

We are not to crucify ourselves, nor one another.
That is not the message of the Cross.
We are called to love ourselves and all our guilty brothers;
To know ourselves forgiven and new born.

We are not to fear an angry, judging, wrathful God.
Good Friday does not prove He hurt His Child.
Instead it demonstrates that sin and death are but illusions,
And bodies left behind are welcome shed.

A child of God, in fleshly form, cannot be truly harmed;
Not in ways that matter in the end.
Only through the eyes of sin can one perceive betrayal.
With eyes of peace we see the Grace of God.

We celebrate the dawn of Easter’s hopeful new beginnings.
Our hearts and minds know God is who He says.
All that’s true is Love, and Love is God, and never-ending.
The message of the Cross is all are saved.

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