A Prayer for 2022

To stand up straighter for myself, and to intentionally nourish both my body and my mind.

To connect meaningfully with others, especially with those seeking meaningful connection with me.

To slow down to see more of life’s beauty. And to see the beautiful light in everyone.

To root out and examine any stone of bitterness hiding in any wounded place. And to practice gentle, consistent, irrevocable forgiveness of it all.

To know my own truth is sufficient, and to no longer strive to explain anything to anyone.

To just let all things be. To remember the freedom that comes with acceptance.

To not take myself or my world too seriously.

To have the courage to shed the old skin, and trust that the new skin will fit just fine.

To stop trying to carry forward those who don’t care to go with me. To let go of those who do not return my embrace.

To completely release whatever no longer serves the soul. To start walking and to not look back.

To know the deep relief that comes from letting go. And to allow the Peace of God to rule in my heart.

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