Journey Home

On my journey, finally started
waking up, a pig’s trough view
realizing hosts are waiting
while still I delay anew.

Trudging up, and upward, righting
knowing that the time has come
eyes of steel, are glinting, seeing
steadied on the distant view.

On my back, I clench my rucksack
filled with all earned guilt and shame
tightly filled and airtight, closing
heavy, burdened, frozen through.

Eek-ing out, the sin’s foul odor
making me aware, now known
guilt I must forgive, soul cleansing
if my journey’s end is home.

Closing circle, turning round now
ego’s fool for far too long
learning lessons of forgiveness
uphill slowly towards my goal.

Frightened, trembling, still determined
Guided heart-wise, hands clasped, warm
N’er alone, and now I know it,
As I walk, snail paced towards home.

Finally facing sunshine’s lightness
blackened darkness back, beyond
dimly lit but new day dawning
forward, onward, steady home.

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