Finding One Another

That which you are seeking, can’t be found
in me, nor can I fill myself in you.
The fallacy of joy outside one’s self
continues to deceive and strike us new.

Look down upon our hands and smiling, know
that He who holds them joined is none but Christ.
Clasping close our hearts, our faith, our trust
He leads us safely on to newer heights.

With your heart, I shall not thoughtless be,
nor careless, reckless, tossing ’round your soul.
For mine, encumbered, paste themselves to each,
so never is the pain just yours alone.

My striding forward brings you with me, tied
together, wrapped around in peaceful arms.
I won’t leave you forsaken, cold or lost
or searching blindly, leading down to harm.

Our separate searches cannot bring us joy
Despite our bodies clinging, hoping which
our finding in each other will expose
anything besides our guilty gifts.

I am my brother’s keeper, me, his charge
in this life and to come, hearts joined and set.
Before the dawn of time, we knew we’d find
each other here and journey homeward yet.

So let us do this differently, today
and going forward, n’er again be sad
or looking backward, moving on from shame
of past, renewed, uplifted. Ever glad.

Please hold my hand, my brother and my friend
forever, live the freedom we’ve purloined.
Be glad, at last our chains are gone and naught
can separate what God has truly joined.

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