Keep This Angel in your Pocket

~If you feel afraid of losing my love, know that love cannot ever be destroyed.
~If you feel anxious or scared, know that fear is the opposite of love and only love is real.
~If you feel loss, know that you are eternally joined with those you love, and love cannot be taken from you.
~If you feel sad, know that joy is only a thought away, when you realize who you really are to me.
~If you feel angry, know that what you hear is not an attack, but simply a call to be loved.
~If you feel rejected, know that the light in your soul cannot be extinguished and it is inseparably intertwined with mine.
~If you feel inferior, know that I see you as you are: perfect and beautiful.
~If you feel guilty, know that I see you as eternally innocent, spotless and pure as the day you were born.
~If you feel like an outsider, know we are always inside each other’s hearts, no matter what.
~If you feel separated from me, remember we knew each other before time began, and we will be together forever again.

*To accompany the Angel in My Pocket token

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