I Am My Brother’s Keeper

I am my brother’s faithful keeper.
One, the same, both he and I.
Walking not behind, nor forward,
But together, side by side.

My search for idols hurt my brother,
Confused, delayed him, kept him bound.
And I, my brother’s keeper, shepherd,
Now provide him what I’ve found.

Driven on by mercy’s challenge,
I can, no longer, waste his time.
Knowing that my brother needs me.
And paid a price as high as mine.

Down I look, and see his fingers
intertwined with mine in trust.
Walking with him, happy-hearted,
Delivering him, at last, I must.

Seeing past earth’s empty temptings,
that had dazzled me to death.
Figures, forms and content fading,
Peace arising, wise and blessed.

Looking past the shadows, finally,
Knowing who my brother is.
Smiling now, remembering fully.
Laying down all childish things.

Now tuned to a different drummer,
Hearts releasing guilt and form.
Light pours on the path before us.
Open-eyed, we’ve been reborn.

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