My Eternal Purpose

My guilt is like the dark blue ocean, vast,
stretched out,endless, volume-depth unknown.
My life work calling, like the dark night sky,
with hopeful light, by moon’s all-knowing sight.

To delve the deep alone cannot be done,
for fear will swallow me in one short gulp.
But Christ has promised me His hand to hold,
To gaze together towards the darkened depths.

A task so overwhelming at the start.
If pondered long I’ll sigh and turn away.
I’ve known this place in other times, and yet,
faint and scared, delayed another day.

Now Christ, born fleshly Prince, part God, yet man,
His earthly work to do, the same as mine.
His resurrection, proof of death destroyed,
The evidence that we shall follow suit.

His work, now just beginning in my heart
The task the same for all who call this home
Forgive, forgive again and see no sin
innocence reflected, stainless, whole.

The victory of Christ was in the tomb
His body shed on top Golgotha’s hill
The way, the truth, the life, my guide, my friend
Let’s do the work together and go Home.

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