Seeking Joy, Not Happiness

Seek but happiness n’er will gain it,
But seek first joy, the truth reveals.
Bright and crisp, it’s vision seeing,
One a falsehood, other real.

Question every passion, spouting,
Question every thought and spark,
Knowing truth is in the knowing,
Passing past the darkness’ lark.

Make no choices but first asking,
“Teach me, show me opened-eyed.”
“Is it true, and everlasting?”
“Will it hasten, chasten, guide?”

Focus inward, find one’s freedom.
Focus outward, feel the chains.
Feel the present, peaceful, stand still
Past and future holds the pain.

Happy states are fleeting, shallow.
Joy is constant, once revealed.
Know your Source and let it Guide you
Onward, homeward, safely sealed.

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