Love’s Reflection

How I fear to look at you.
For what I see, I resemble.
Oh, the pain, what terror strikes.
Such fear in my heart, I tremble.

I fear rejection, shame and scorn.
I believe, so I see your anger.
But it’s just mine, reflected back.
My own, as I malinger.

Before the God I fear, with trembling,
I’m shamed and humbled still.
I bow my head, eyes shifted down,
Afraid His wrath will kill.

I dare not dream I’ll be released
From this earth’s fleshly prison.
My fear has bound me, held me down
And kept from me His Vision.

Yet my brother is my mirror here.
You stand for all who die.
I seek to see your holiness,
Your sin and shame defied.

The eyes of Christ, do plainly see
In you, His light, adoring.
To do the same myself I must
First take up Heaven’s calling.

I’m still afraid. God gently says,
“My child, lift up your eyes.
Trust me, know My Love is yours,
My grace, so precious, thine.”

And so with hope I lift my face
To see above the fog,
The Light of Love in all of us,
Myself, my brother, God.

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