Going ‘Round Again

Robert Frost spoke of a road less traveled.
I imagine he stood at this crossroad himself.
Gazing down two paths,
only one that leads to truth.
One well worn and wide,
the other narrow straight.
Deciding whether to journey home
or to go ’round again.

In each life this fork will appear.
Maybe more than once.
Each time a life is lived,
a life decision made.
Each one must decide for himself.
When to undertake the task,
To journey back towards home,
or to go ’round once again.

The pull of the wider path is strong.
Following guilt and sin so tempting.
If the eyes focus long at all,
the draw becomes irresistible.
Falling for the vicious trick,
Stumbling once it is too late to turn back.
The ego laughs at your folly
As you’re forced to go ’round again.

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