The Hidden Gift

When confronted with distressing thoughts or turmoil
Temptation is to rid ourselves of this
We ruminate in stress and angst and anger
To eradicate what has disrupted bliss.

But if we knew, instead, we ‘d won the lotto
Each time we strive to separate from pain
To finally know our guilt projected outward
Onto every circumstance we’d change.

Ask the Holy Spirit to give guidance
And look upon the painful present, there!
And see instead your buried guilt and suffering
Embedded deeply in each angry care.

Then bring it back. To truth you bring illusion
You see its purpose there. Then let it go.
Releasing judgment of mistakes, forgiveness
Offering the peace this world can’t know.

You wonder why you’re here. The world keeps spinning
Round, designed to keep us slumbering deep
Until we learn the tricks of looking, seeing
Ego lives, and proves God’s child’s defeat.

Ask for help and settle down to listen
As your Helper shows the truth in all
See your troubles as your own projections
Forgive yourself and answer Heaven’s call.

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