A bank of dark, impenetrable clouds 
Hold and shield my guilt from me
For it would be too much and overcome me 
If I were to see the source of the shadow people who fill my days.
Yet this is not true, 
As much as I am inclined to feel the fear and believe it’s so
No. The fog is nothing but vapor shielding nothing, 
Particles of dirty guilt risen to blind me from the truth.
The low dark clouds seem a solid wall 
Destined to block the sun, 
Yet they will give way in the light
They have no power at all the hold me back 
From reaching heavens gates 
If I have but the strength to walk into them, shielded by my faith.
The wall of clouds simply is not strong enough 
To stop a buttons fall, nor hold a feather.
In the wall of clouds I imagine all the world, 
Buildings, people, trees and hills. 
But they are only my own vain imaginings, sculpted.
Once venturing forward, now I cannot go back.
Clouds are only made real through my own perceptions. 
And as long as I dream, 
These puppets dance for me before a stage curtain of clouds.
I will step through now without fear. 
Having learned that clouds can’t hurt me.

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