Following Release

I’ve grown accustomed to my human form that walks this shadow land.
This world is filled with unholy ghosts and figments traveling through,
Each one is longing to return to that place which is barely remembered now.

Here all blind men safely walk in the daily grooves we’ve memorized.
Venturing not past the reach of our tether, falsely safe and anchored to the familiar.
We only dare feel those emotions we know we can recover from overnight.

I’ve muted the sound of angel wings brushing back my hair while I dream.
I’ve kept my eyes closed while brashly tromping ‘round my stomping grounds.
Falsely courageous, I’ve always known one wrong step would send me splaying.

Thoughtlessly I’ve felt my way around this place and life.
Seeking to carve just a tiny slice of pleasure between our skins.
Purposefully forgetting that same gap between us created all our pain.

I’ve dared not dream of bigger things, of freedom, or of truth.
I sought my comfort in the silky chains of this bounded earthly home.
Though it bears no resemblance at all to where we were born and raised.

Now I find myself here, and I finally admit the truth I’ve always known.
I’ve harbored in my heart a terrifying secret that I dare to whisper still.
I knew I could never truly call this gilded prison home.

Am I ready to release this world and all I know in it?
Can I sell all I have to follow a path that leads me finally home?
If I relax my grip on the edge of my world, will I trust fall into oblivion?

Only now realizing just how tightly I have been holding on.
It is in my acceptance of all I don’t know that lets me let judgment go.
Softly, gently, floating down, as if asleep, I’ve never been more alive.

I feel the space beneath me, deep, without end, free and formless.
Yet there is weightless light surrounding me, keeping darkness at bay,
As down I tumble peacefully towards a bottom of who knows where.

Can I finally slip these velvet manacles that chained me to my view?
May I pass beneath the Spirit’s veil, where the light has never dimmed?
Is this earthly eggshell finally cracking, opening to be born again?

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