2 + 2 = 5

Each day I wake and think I see a world, where
one plus one makes two times two makes four.
How complex and confusing, yet simplistic
it is to think our world is nothing more
than science and technology and math
equations that must always equal sums
that someone smart can figure, can determine
accurately the distance to the sun.

We live each day in the world where we make sense, or
we think we do by all we think and say.
But we’re captive by the very rules we live by
that tell us how to eat and work and play.
Yet visions and imaginings of nighttime
that swirl around our sleeping dozing heads
convince us, while we dream, that what we’re seeing
is truly being lived outside our bed.

While eyes are closed, we fly and soar with freedom
through the clouds, with arms up, stretching high,
breaking laws of gravity while playing
in a dream where two plus two make five.
Then morning comes, and images that played across
the night’s screen fade to black as we awake.
What seemed so real in visions and imaginings
with dawn reveal their source as trite and fake.

Yet note the mind’s eye captures visions just the same
in waking life, or when eyes close with sleep?
Why do we trust the body’s eyes are seeing
anything more real, or can we leap
ahead and figure out the world’s deception
that keeps us trapped and working in our core
on an earth that forces us to march to
laws commanding two plus two makes four.

What if we could open minds and spirits
to consider, gently, softly the “what ifs”
there is nothing to this earthly struggle
and how easily it recedes into the mist.
When finally we wake up to consider
what it means to live and be alive,
and whether it could be remotely possible
that two and two do not make four, but five.

And really what’s the point of even living
upon an earth where all we do is hide
from God in hopes his punishment escapes us
because we are ashamed, and hope to die.
What scares us most is not a math equation
regardless of our need to work it out,
to force the world into a frame of logic
to keep us safe, to assuage all our doubts.

So surely we can run away from Eden
but cannot escape our fate as God’s own Son.
What really terrifies our souls and leaves us trembling
is the fear that one plus one just equals One.

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