I Am Here

I am right here, Child.
I am ever present,
Loving you, despite your fears.
I will never leave you.
You are a part of me.
Nothing can separate us.
You belong to me.
Neither life nor death,
Nor time, nor distance.
Nothing can take you from me.
Uncover your eyes. I am here.
Listen for my voice. I am here.
Your heart sings my name.
I hear it and smile.
I am right here.
I am here, Lord.
I know I am a part of You.
We were created by Love,
Knitted together as One;
A Sonship that cannot be divided.
I cannot leave you, despite my fears.
I cannot lose your Love, despite my acts.
I belong to You.
My heart sings for You.
My ears hear You whisper my name.
And I smile.
I am here.

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