A Prayer of Forgiveness on Easter

The morning birds are singing hallelujah!
As dawn arises, darkness must subside.
The joyous sun peeks up from the horizon.
The morning glories’ chorus fills the skies!

A bluebird’s egg is slowly cracking open;
God’s new creation stretches to emerge.
How beautiful to know a new beginning;
To transcend death and mute its mournful dirge.

I’d nailed my brother’s hands unto a rugged cross.
Until I take him down, I’ll pay the price.
Accusing him of sins he’d not committed,
Robbed me of God’s love and healing light.

Who, but with the Son of God beside him,
Would find it hard to choose love over hate?
And why would I prefer the pain of sadness,
When I can let it go and wipe the slate?

So tenderly regarding life’s renewal.
I’m careful to protect its new born flame.
Peace restored is easy to extinguish,
Merely by returning to the blame.

Now my heart, so grateful, finds it’s freedom;
My hope renewed, I lift my eyes to see,
All the beauty that was always present,
But my blindness had withheld from me.

So on this Easter we sing hallelujah!
This anthem of forgiveness heals all sin.
All as one we’re finally seeing truly,
And gathered up to meet the risen King.

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