Grace for Grace

Grace for grace or error for error.
One brings peace, the other terror.

Who among us fails to crave,
Forgiveness to escape the grave?

And who but Christ, seen as Himself,
Can save us from the pits of hell?

His love for all, if taken in,
Absolves God’s child of all his sin.

His resurrection offers all,
The chance to hear a joyful call.

To choose again the path towards home
Where God awaits us on His throne.

To find this place where All are One,
We must undo what we have done.

Forgiveness holds the golden key,
Releasing judgment of you by me.

Until my heart knows peace on earth,
I’ll keep the fears I’ve grown since birth.

But embraced within my brother’s arms,
Together we will do no harm.

In step we walk on, side by side,
A path once narrow, opens wide.

And welcomes all who know God’s love
We join our hearts with those above.

Illusions of this false world, past.
We finally travel home at last.

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