The answer is so simple, but not easy.
The problem is complex, by my design.
How long it takes to heal is my decision.
The pain I feel is never his, just mine.

I can choose to view this like a sinner.
And bathe in unforgiveness, so unkind.
Or opt to see it differently, as You would.
Restoring peace and love unto my mind.

Joining truly is the only answer.
Separating just engenders fear.
By giving up ideas of need or wanting,
I realize I have what is most dear.

I can say goodbye to all that wounds me.
I can give away what hurts my heart.
I can forge another path towards wholeness,
Towards a future, not back to the start.

I’m determined to move forward, joyful.
My heart will find its way towards love again.
Surrounded by my friendships made in heaven,
We will all surrender to Your plan.

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