Turning Around Again

I have made an idol;
I have made a graven image.
And I worshipped it much harder
Than I ever worshipped You.

I perceived illusions;
I believed my own projections.
And I was blinded by them fully,
So I couldn’t see You.

I was tricked by ego;
I was wholly fooled by ego.
And I did it to myself
So I can never blame You.

I saw only pieces;
I saw through a glass darkly.
Now I must relinquish anger
If I hope to know You.

I lost all awareness;
I was dumb and dense and careless.
And I must control my thinking
If I want to think like You.

I forgot my lessons.
I went insane. Peace left my presence.
Now my only hope for freedom
Is to choose to live for You.

My heart felt it was breaking;
It thought it loved, but was mistaken.
But I never knew true love
Til I returned my heart to You.

I am grateful, humble;
I return each time I tumble.
And you pick me up to show me
I am never lost from You.

I surrender fully;
Lift my head, eyes, hands and, surely,
Because You love me, You forgive me,
And always bring me back to You.

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