Come Away With Me

“Come away with me,” he whispers
as softly as the velvet thin air of night.
“Leave all this and come with me.”
I feel my heart lifting, stirring with relief.

The dark battleground is soaked with blood
from a needless war that I stupidly fought.
Too many bodies have decayed in the trenches.
Too many tears have been cried over nothing.

“Slip away with me,” he tells my soul gently
so as to not alarm me.
“It’s okay now, the dawn is coming.”
My mind is opening, loosening its tight grip on this world.

Too long I believed I had to fight to win,
engaged in a cause that I believed was right.
But hopelessness has settled in my bones now
and I know it is time to give up the will, if not the way.

“Leave all you have here,” he suggests knowingly
as I began to cast my eyes across worthless things.
“All you ever need is in my Father’s house.”
And I lay down my weapons and I take His hand.

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