Standing Right Behind You

I concede that I cannot change you.
You get to decide what you need,
And how much you can take.
But the course is already set.
And how long it takes to learn this lesson is up to you.
You decide when and whether you wish to grow.
You determine when and whether you can let Me in or not.
You are in complete control.
I don’t need to change you.
Underneath that hair coat of guilt and fear, I know you are redeemed and whole.
I don’t seek to change you.
Kindness lets you awaken slowly.
Love stands by patiently.
So I will stay put and love you from here,
I will wait for you to decide,
Whether to want to tread water, or go back,
Or when you will be finally brave enough to open your heart to its final healing.
I know you crave My love, and the sunshine of My embracing friendship.
You are invited to grow with Me.
You feel scared and scarred.
All humans do,
All can be blinded by our own denial.
That’s the only explanation for this absurdity.
You can’t share your thoughts,
You can’t let go of the fear,
You can’t cross that bridge to Me.
You can’t see yourself for who you are yet,
But I see you.
You are beautiful.
You, my friend, are absolutely perfect in every way.
Just the way you are, with all your flaws, and fears and ugly boastings.
The day will come when finally,
You will let go of your silly ideas.
Those you cling to so tightly,
That you believe are so necessary to keep you safe.
You hold on so desperately,
You are so afraid of Me.
You think you are keeping yourself safe when the opposite is true.
Let go.
You can trust me.
I am the safest place you’ve ever known.
You don’t know this,
What I already know.
Your fear keeps it from your awareness.
It’s the secret of peace:
It is only in sharing that salvation is found.
It is only by joining hearts that we find peace within ourselves.
It is only when we are unafraid to show ourselves, warts and all,
That we finally understand how completely loveable and redeemable we are.
But you must first bravely face the fear
Then you will laugh with joy to realize, it’s just a mouse with a megaphone
standing where you feared the lion.
Turn to Me and you will know that I only ever loved you,
And only ever will.
I cherish you, My friend.
My heart floods with love for you.
And I will stay right here,
right behind you and quietly,
Waiting until you change your mind.

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