Only Love Is True

Every loving thought is true.
All else fails to be.
And all that I believe you think,
I really think of me.

Regardless of the form it takes,
All’s either love or fear.
Perceive attack, defend, repeat,
Or hear a call to heal.

My thought that I am losing you,
Your thought that I enslave,
Are just perceptions, made up, false,
That put us in the grave.

Pitiful, meaningless, private thoughts
Can bring us low to sinking.
But our brotherhood is not imperiled,
It’s imprisoned by our thinking.

Our deepest fear is loss of God.
So we hide in a world of error.
Attempting to escape His wrath,
We attack each other in terror.

Yet all a soul can ever do,
No matter what it’s dressed as,
Is call for love and healing Grace
From Him who forgives trespass.

And really what I see in you
Reflects from my own mirror.
I must see Love and nothing else,
To find my path made clearer.

Free at last, my soul will sing
When I finally know what Love is.
Shaking off this earthly form
I’ll rise with you to meet Him.

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