You are Me

In the beginning we were one.
Together, we were all God’s Son.
In Heaven, we were safe and loved.
There was no world, just God above.
Until we had a mad idea;
That we could part from all that’s real.
And make a place of our own way,
A land where “I” would hold all sway.
So suddenly, with jolting pangs,
Chaos entered with a bang.
As Dante said, a third were hurled
Together down into this world.
Projected from a frightened heart,
Ashamed of having played a part,
We made a world of death and change.
We made up fear, then felt estranged.
Knowing he could catch us soon,
We’re hiding to escape sure doom.
Now eyes will only see what’s false.
These ears hear but a devil’s waltz.
And as I turn to look at you,
I’m deceived if I believe we’re two!
It is my guilt that shapes your face.
Your sin is my own saving grace.
You’re there to blame for all my pain.
I put you there to hold my shame.
You just reflect the self I know.
Created to deflect God’s blow.
But I cannot see outside my mind
While ego keeps me deaf and blind.
And if I ever hope to flee
This world we made where we’re not free,
Our eyes must open up to see
And recognize there is no “me”.
And the “you” I see is just a ghost
I made so I could proudly boast,
“I am the king of victim-hood,
Unfairly treated, misunderstood!”
So until I want another way
I’ll elude His peace and simply stay
Trapped in thoughts that keep me bound
To guilt that makes this world go round.
And I won’t see His light in you.
Your innocence cannot shine through
Until I sense that spark inside
That flickers in me as I hide.
Then turn and ask Him, “look with me
On scary things I think I see.”
They’ll dissolve if I but let them go.
His vision surely makes it so.
Then it won’t matter what you do.
You’re innocent, as I am too.
I will forgive what you’ve not done.
And see you as your Father’s Son.
When finally I concede to see
That what I think is you, is me,
And then forgive myself as well
To make my way out of this hell.
I’ll find my way back Home with you
Together, joined as one, we’re through
With this old world where pain abounds,
Back a place where peace is found.
Forever joined in love, we’re One
In Heaven where His Kingdom’s come.

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