No one here on earth can tell me who I am.
In this world there’s no one who could know.
Each of us search desperately for our true god.
Yet none of us will find it here alone.

“Search! (but do not find) is all the ego’s call.
“Look!” (but only outside of yourself).
Inner darkness blocks the lit up path ahead,
And keeps the soul’s soft call from being heard.

All our time is spent following fantasies.
While Heaven is eternal, always, now.
Time continues while we search here endlessly.
Our gentle friend who waits till we forgive.

Peace is ours if we can just accept it.
For we have never left our Father’s side.
Yet while we wander hopelessly, the nightmares reign.
We’re frightened children dreaming scary dreams.

But He is gently waking us unto ourselves.
We’re wrapped in loving arms we never left.
Yet still I keep attempting to atone false sins.
And catch but only glimpses of true love.

Inside us all the little spark of light remains.
It came with us when we fell off the edge.
But someday glowing embers will ignite in flames,
And catch us upward, finally joined as one.

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