Seeking in the World what is only Inside

I peer into the little screen, hoping to catch a glimpse of you there,

In the messages, or the games with friends or in the web of lies.

I look to the larger screen, yearning to find you behind those Hollywood lives and brightened up smiles.

Then I go to the pantry, sorting though the cereal and crusty bread, wishing I’d find you just sitting there between the chips and dip.

Sighing, I go to the store, thinking maybe I will find you in new fluffy towels or shiny black shoes.

I go to work, determined to discover you in the piles of smart papers or even just hanging out at the water cooler with that fellow in the sharp pink tie.

But you are not there.

I am seeking but I am not finding.

On Sunday I go to church, knowing surely you would not fail to attend.

And although I think I hear your gentle hum in the first hymn, and I swear the swinging incense reminds me of your cologne,

My eyes cannot see you anywhere.

So I go home and sit alone.

I close my eyes and give up trying to find a holy savior in an earthly world.

Then a small light of dawning begins to glow in my mind

An ineffable peace starts to spread in my heart.

A smile of comprehension comes to my happy face.

I had to look inward to see;

You are there.

Lo, you have been in me, always.

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