Light Found in Darkness

A beautiful light shines out and in,
On and through every soul.
Its’ healing warmth embraces all,
And shines away every mistake.

For everyone in pain and shame
Sunk heavy, low, in darkness,
Light reveals, exposes, truth-tells.

Our meaningless private thoughts.

Souls turn, facing, towards the light,
Drawn to its irresistible breath.
Sweetly calling the lost Son home,
Gentle on eyes long closed.

The pure, bright light glows constant, strong,
So peaceful and sure in the darkess.
It slowly wakes the children
of God,
And nightmares fade with the dawn.

The light, who we are, we hid away,
Deceived, if we thought it went out.
Finding, joyfully, its’ constant glow.
We were merely covering our eyes.

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