Out Is In

Before I can see it out there,

Before I can see it in the world,

I must first see it in me,

And know it’s just my guilt, unfurled,

Laid across everything,

Making sure I don’t look in,

Splattered over everywhere,

Out of me is all I care,

Away from my troubled heart,

Blaming you is just the start,

Then can I whine, “oh look at me!”

“I’m just a victim, can’t you see?!”

And justify my presence here,

Where I hide in flesh and trembling fear.

So until I open-wide my eyes,

And see what’s out is all inside,

I am stuck upon this marbled sphere

Spinning ‘round, year after year.

So thank you for your mirrored eyes,

That reflect to me the ego’s lies.

Together we go or not at all.

As One we’ll answer Love’s true call.

My heart is truly thankful, friend.

Because you’re here we’ll find the end.

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