Faltering Little Footsteps

Faltering little footsteps cannot impede our goal.
The path is forward and we are holding hands.
Hopeful eyes peep open, as relief and love flood in.
And He is here to lead us safely on.

Love is not itself until it can embrace us All.
Each call for help in darkness will be heard.
In faith we find each brother setting out to find the Light.
Together we will seek and finally find.

Shining brightly, forward, we see those who hide in fear.
When they are ready they will join our strength.
Until then we go gladly bearing others in our arms.
Together we go on or not at all.

We lived lives of discontent and striving to achieve.
Waking up we now can see the Truth.
We are pardoned for the sins we wove in hateful dreams.
We are children of a mighty God.

Now the darkness in us is released and disappears.
A thousand lifetimes past are finally done.
We are going Home, the long and aimless journey ends
Laughing joyful family finally One.

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