Is He A God of Grace or Judgment?

Which is true, the God of Grace or Judgment?

Can He be both, yet be a God of Love?

Unless His Judgment never finds us guilty.

Unless His verdict always sends us Home.

For how can God condemn His child eternally,

Then claim His All-Sufficient Grace endures?

A loving Father pardons all his children’s sins,

And sees mistakes as errors to undo.

Guilt’s crushing shame is chosen as a fate by man.

Seeing outward what is in his heart.

Believing he’s unworthy in his sin-sick soul.

He casts himself in hell beyond God’s hand.

But just by being, all are worthy of God’s grace.

His Judgment only says, “You are My Child.”

You think you are forever cast from Eden’s gate.

Yet our every-knowing God thinks otherwise.

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