If You Wonder What I Really Think…

If you wonder what I really think, I’ll tell you.
I rarely say what’s actually on my mind.
Revealing this may make you discontented.
It’s chastening truth you may not wish to find.

I believe that what a person thinks and says,
Reflect his insides out and tell his tale.
One believes he’s hiding hate and loathing,
By trapping words inside his mental jail.

But there is only love or fear, these two claim all.
Every day’s expressions show them both.
One either lives inside the ego’s view of things,
Or sees the same way as the Holy Ghost.

Angry words that spill out through an angry mouth,
Reflect an angry heart and angry mind.
Angry thoughts about another Child of God,
Confirm that, to oneself, one is unkind.

Yelling at another, even silently,
You think is purging hate from inside out.
But blaming someone else for what is felt inside,
Just reinforces hate, without a doubt.

The secret knowing of another’s mental state,
Is simply found by listening to his woes.
A person tells you all his deepest thoughts and fears,
Each time he speaks of others as his foes.

One may call someone a sorry so-and-so,
Not knowing he’s revealing his own fears,
That hated trait he calls out in his enemy?
Reflects a trait he’s nurtured through the years.

Yes, everything projected out reflects one’s soul.
There is no hiding from this painful fact.
One’s words and thoughts towards others will reveal the self.
You show yourself each time that you attack.

So when I hear your judgment of a brother,
For sinning or for simply being dumb.
I hear instead self-hatred for these self-same faults.
And know until you knows this, ego’s won.

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