Phases of a moon

We met when the moon was just coming up

So much still in shadow and unseen

I was young and you were smarter

I was warmer when your brightening light turned on me

You showed me your world and my unlimited possibilities.

The fullness of the moon’s smile brought us more clarity

Face to face, I saw imperceptible flaws

Wrinkles, expectations, and still growing admiration,

Our mix-matched puzzle pieces could not merge

Yet we tried, and loved inexplicably and with commitment.

Now the moon is waxing down and the shadows reappear

We have faded with the ghost of the sinking sphere

And the wall with no window and door with no key

Stands between your brave heart and mine

The light has gone out with the last sad goodbye

And we both close our eyes at the end.

Still there is one true thing about a fading moon

While its absence means the darkest hour comes

It promises a morning dawn

I am hopeful for the cracking creeping light

Perhaps we emerge with the sun, holding hands

Together and with everyone we love.

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