False Categories

Better or worse, rich or poor, sick or in perfect health

Smarter than, smaller than, sweeter than one with stealth

Holier, different than one of another color

Happier, more stable than one with a different mother

Dying fast or just emerging in one’s infancy

Desert dweller, mountain man or lover of the sea

Taller than, more accomplished, sharper than one’s neighbor

Homeless, helpless, friendless, needy, one who’s seeking favors

Each, while thinking he is different, finds but pain and strife

And arrogantly separates himself from love and light

Yet made in His own image, how can one be more or less

Circumstances placed him to the right or to the left

Equal opportunities do not exist on earth

But man will judge another as if all is fair at birth

A harder battle rages in the depth of every heart

Invisible to all who judge the place where others start

Yet everyone is simply doing all as they are able

Inflated egos disagree, then slap him with a label

If man could see another as a mirror of his soul

He’d quickly learn to love and heal the splintered back to whole

For all are one, a part of God, not special from the other

The kingdom comes when each one knows he’s equal to his brother

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