Fall Turns To Winter

The leaves drop – one by one
Dead and uncaring when they are stepped upon
Like loved ones who drift away – one by one
To keep on with lives so far from here
And its cold outside – everyone takes to their own shelter
It’s not that they no longer care for me – but it is, really
Scared to see the changes in our weather
They busy themselves, like the leaves, swirling
And it gets darker still as night approaches
And colder, as the birds and beasts tuck in
I am thankful that my warmth comes from the inside
And that peace builds gently in my heart
To keep me calm and steady as the clouds approach
I know it will only get colder and darker still
Plants bury roots into the hardening soil to hide until Spring
Snow will fall and cover up all this evidence of death
As the moon shines down, dull and distant in a shimmering mist
Unable to tell its story clearly because no one is listening
I know it is coming, this dark night of the soul
Fall delays it, while I rest for just one moment more
The inevitable will begin when the moon goes out
And I can finally only look within to see.

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