What My Heart Says

Do not read my silence as acceptance.
I am here, mutely screaming, flailing hard.
But I must shield you from my useless protest.
I am hiding, as my words put you on guard.

But I never, ever, want your heart to ponder
If my absence means I simply do not care.
I care so much and feel this so intently,
But you cannot bear to see my heart this bare.

So now I sit her stranded on the sidelines,
Quietly adjusting to this lack.
Wondering how you feel and how you’ve managed
To move along while never looking back?

I miss you and I wish you would come to me.
I long to be important to your day.
Please never second-guess if I still love you.
For forever I will wish you would have stayed.

I don’t expect you to reply. I know you.
There are things you just won’t say or let me see.
But I pray you still can feel this somewhere, somehow.
Because my heart wants yours to rest in peace with me.

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