A Prayer For You

Heavenly Father, as we approach some challenging days, we purposefully trust, with all our hearts, that You will care for us.  As we place ourselves in Your loving hands, we believe Your Word, which promises that all things work together for good.

If fearful thoughts arise, remind us to choose Your peace instead, for nothing is gained when we doubt You.

If sorrowful thoughts arise, let us remember that our judgment of our human circumstances is always clouded and unhelpful. We are only looking through a glass darkly and cannot see the loving beauty of Your plan. Remind us that our wisdom is not Your wisdom.

And when loving thoughts arise, allow us to bask in the joy of knowing that we are strong together. You have knit our hearts into a fabric that cannot be torn.  We are grateful for the hands that grasp ours in love and companionship. You promised we would never be left comfortless.

Father, as each moment asks us to choose between our human weakness and the strength of Christ in us, help us hear Christ’s gentle call to choose You once again.


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