My Own Path

I lived your life for so long that I forgot how to live my own.

I tried to go along on your path with you; straining my eyes trying to see its beauty like you do.

But my own road keeps beckoning, calling me by my own name.

I have ignored it long enough and it is time to go my way.

I look across at where you stand: You and yours and all you love.

I tried so hard to fit into the folds.

But I know that was all it was: Trying, striving, bending, and denying what was truly me.

And now when I look away, I feel a Call and my heart lifts.

Through the trees we will see each another, whenever we pause to look around.

And I will smile at you from over here and remember fondly what we tried to do.

But now it is time for me to look at my own feet, and watch them follow their own joy.

Don’t worry, this is not goodbye.

There is just so much to do now, and I can’t neglect it any longer.

I heard a Voice calling.

It told me to hope for my own future.

I must sing my own life’s song.

Fear not, my great friend, both our happy paths will lead us to the same true Home.

I will meet you there.

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