Love Is All We Need

I may cast away priceless pearls if I toss them at an armless man.

And perhaps I cannot turn an unsentimental soul into a profound thinker.

It may be unwise to share my heart’s song with one who has turned his volume down.

And if someone doesn’t want to hear me, I am content to save my words.

Sometimes the gift to give a blind man is simply silent Love;

For any fretful friend is better seen through the eyes of peace.

If grasping arms reach out in fear, the heart can remain calm.

Because a lonely man doesn’t know what will sooth the pain.

I can help heal a troubled soul with the balm of acceptance;

And teach my brother he does nothing so wrong he is irredeemable.

I will let go of appearances that true Love could be betrayed.

The Truth is Love, when shared with All, is all we ever need.

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