Remembering…these days…

I remember those precious days when we talked about the important things;
Not about how we filled every day and night with drudgery or work or song;
And certainly not the silence and seeming scarcity of today.
But mornings spent sharing life; helping each other.
I remember funny conversations and the surprising gifts of our stories;
How we each faced challenges of faith and overcame with God’s help.
I remember heart-to-heart communing of concerns and hope for the future.
I recall spending time with you, holding hands, so unafraid of feeling.
Some days we turned left at veracity corner and told each other the truth;
And, more than once, we ran to hide rather than confront the fearful.
But always circling around to reconcile;
Knowing we are always where we are for a reason.
Those days are cherished memories,
But maybe they will happen again tomorrow.
A heart of faith believes inspired connections are never severed.
It does not matter how far apart one’s paths seem to diverge.
The heart is not a lonely hunter;
It is a wise and faithful steward of the story already told.
It only takes one heart to hold the memories while another rests;
In the end, what was once nurtured cannot be lost, diminished, nor forgotten.
The closing will be as it started; obvious and sweet and peaceful.
We are joined together,
And when we arrive Home it will be as if we had never left.

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