Abundant Willingness

I slept deep and well this morning,
Resting my bones and eyes.
I fell down, down, down to oblivion,
To a place my body thought it needed.
Suspended in the soft, inky, velvet
I was temporarily released from life, while my mind was free to dream.
And as I slowly surfaced, I thought of You.
I asked what I can do today to stay connected in these moments?
How can I stay aware of hopeful Love?
I do willingly choose to forgive the world whenever I cross its path,
But in the daylight hours it is hard to recall that Love created me kind.
My soul wants to rest in You today. You restore healing to my mind.
If I can keep my eyes on Yours, my thoughts will be lifted to Peace.
My heart’s only desire is to find a way to You.
And my day will not be wasted if but one more shackle falls.
Lord, my heart will listen to You with abundant willingness today
If You will give me one more chance to try.

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