In the Quiet Stillness

In the quiet stillness, I can let things go.
Resolved to know, You are a kindly God.
Thoughts of Heaven ease my heart, reminding me,
That each life briefly lived returns to dust.

With grace and faith, I know my loves are safe and sound.
From my hands into Yours, they’re gently held.
Now trusting I am standing where I ought to be;
I know that every day is in Your Plan.

Thankful, oh so thankful, for my blessings here.
Grateful You‘ve been with me all my life.
Through each moment’s joy and pain You’ve guided me.
My loving You unquestioned to the end.

Please help me keep a quiet mind that rests in peace.
Though thoughts may seem to threaten me with fears.
Knowing we are in these days together now,
I pledge my servant heart is listening still.

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