The Last Half Mile

When we reach the last half mile it always happens.

On the final hill, as we’re heading towards goodbye.

Driving on, my heart’s so scared, it’s so confusing.

I believe if I give in, I’ll disappear.

Every time I sense goodbye, I get this feeling,

That they’ll be no more me if there is no more you.

Though I know, even deeper still, Love’s everlasting

It was there before we came,

And will consume us in the end.

Patiently, I trust and hope you’re patient,

As my frightened heart attempts to stay alive.

I know this path will lead me to Your doorstep.

I’m scared to take Your hand and step inside.

And finally, I’ll find, I never left You.

Though I think I wander lost, lonely and afraid.

Some day my heart will courageously surrender,

And I’ll run that last half mile to be with You.

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